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A Kind of Superhero comes from an idea of Alessandro Campagna (vocals/guitar) and Rob Lattanzi (VJ) and has soon involved Matteo Cassoni (guitar/vocals), Manuel Federici (bass) and Guglielmo Marchesin (drums).

Today Guglielmo and Matteo are no longer member of the band, replaced by Luca Mastrantoni (drums) and Daniele Marchetti (guitar/vocals)


All the band members come from different backgrounds and they have previously had several experiences in the surroundings of Latina.

What the band aims to do is to represent the 2000’s rock scene, which marked the life of each different member .

A Kind of Superhero - Trust No One

A Kind of Superhero - Trust No One

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Spring Moods sono solamente 4 punk rockers da Forlì,

Si presentano al mondo nel 2017 con "Sad love story" il loro primo album, nel 2021 esce "June 20th" il secondo disco di 8 tracce per Flamingo records, Lostdog, Rumagna Sgroza e Pasidaryk pats records.